EndCryptor Quickstart guide


Youtube video on sending email (1:10)

Youtube video on installation (2:38)

Install EndCryptor. After sending one and receiving two verification emails you can start sending encrypted emails to other users of EndCryptor – this is an automated process. They also can send to you.

The verification emails check that you are in control of your email address. After verification your email address and long term public key are put into the Web Directory of EndCryptor. If someone wants to start sending encrypted emails to you he/she must know your email address – it is typed into EndCryptor and the Web Directory is searched for the public key associated with the email address. 

Add New Contact:

Add New Contact

It is not mandatory to use the Web Directory. In this case the user must know the  public key of a new contact.

Main window when new encrypted email has arrived:

Main window when new mail has arrived

Compose new email:

Compose New Email

The sending and receiving can be done by user’s default email client – like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. However, this is most convenient when EndCryptor does the sending and receiving - in this case the email account’s settings (server, userid and password) are defined into EndCryptor.

 Settings for a typical account:

Settings for a typical email account

Settings for a Gmail account

Settings for a Gmail account