Useful Tips


Create new mailboxes e.g. one named ‘Archive’ which contains processed received emails. It might be convenient to create temporary project based mailboxes whose contents can be moved to ‘Archive’ and ‘Sent’ mailboxes when the specific project has been finished.

main window of endcryptor

In the above example the contents of the mailboxes are shown when the tab in question (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Project ABC /s, …) is pressed. Messages can be selected and then moved into another mailbox using the right mouse click.

New mailboxes are created by placing the mouse over a tab and using the right mouse click.

When editing a new message the font for the message or the default font for all outgoing messages can be changed.

Compose New Email

Press the name of the font (‘Verdana’ in this case) to change the settings.

Below are the example settings of a typical email account.

Settings for a typical email account