An End-to-End email encryption program - Protects email at rest and in motion

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The free trial period is 60 days after which no sending or receiving is possible unless a license is obtained. The stored emails can be viewed also after the trial period.

Superior protection for the real world

EndCryptor protects old encrypted emails - that were copied by an adversary when they traversed the internet - also then when the adversary gets current encryption keys by hacking into user's computer.

Easy to use

No knowledge of cryptography is required. The user interface is similar to a typical email client. User's current email account is used to deliver the encrypted emails.

End-to-End Encryption

The email is encrypted at sender's computer and it can be decrypted only at true receiver's computer.

Quantum attack resistant

It may be possible that before the year 2030 there will be computers that can break current classical public keys. EndCryptor uses classical public keys and new quantum attack resistant public keys. Note that otherwise current encrypted traffic can be copied and decrypted later by quantum computers when they become reality.

State of the art cipher and public keys

The implementation of symmetric encryption and classical and quantum attack resistant public keys uses publicly available source code developed by the scientists who designed the systems.


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