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Buy small number of licenses using the button below - you will receive the license key(s) immediately. If you need more licenses use the order form in the program or contact us via email: orders(at) 

VAT tax of buyer's country is required of private citizens of European Union and those companies that reside in Finland. If you are an entity in Northern Ireland select UK as your country.

Price without VAT tax: 39,95 EUR for 1 computer and 1 year.

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Order using the order form in EndCryptor

Install the program and order license(s) using the order form provided by the program. In this case the order processing may take 1 working day. One person places the order and receives the license file which can contain many licenses. The license file is given to those in the organization who need it.

Payment method when using order form in program: Bank transfer.

Pricing schemes

There are two pricing schemes: time based and version based.

Time based one or two year licensing gives the right to use the latest version and its updates up to the expiration date of the license. Renew existing time based licenses when there is less than 1 month to expiration. When the new license file is received the new licensed time is added to the end of the existing license in each such case. In other cases the license's starting time is its issue date.

Version based licensing gives the right to use a certain version and all its updates any number of years, a version based license to version 2.x is a license for all values of x.

It is possible to change the licensing scheme from annual to version based. One year's annual unit price is subtracted from each license's version based unit price in this case. All the installations which will use such a license must have used a time based scheme before.

Unit price in time based licensing without VAT tax.


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Unit price in version based licensing without VAT tax.

Number of licenses

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VAT of buyer's country is required of private citizens of European Union and those companies that reside in Finland.



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