Passphrase/Password Generator

Freeware. Generates a random passphrase from a list of words. Included is the Bitcoin BIP39 list and the original Diceware list. Other lists can be used also by reading the list into the program. The program can also generate an 'ordinary' password for different security levels (2^96, 2^128, 2^256) - random bytes are generated and the password/passphrase is the hexadecimal, base64 or numeric representation of the wanted number of bytes.

The random values are based on the RNGCryptoServiceProvider of the C# language and mouse movements and their timings and other system values, algorithms used are Sha2-256, Sha2-512 and AES.

passphrase_g_setup1135.msi as of May 5, 2023 size 609KB.
 For Windows Desktop (64 bit).

Passphrase generator main window

Passphrase generator main window, tab