Information on releases April 08, 2024

Improvements to user interface. April 02, 2024

Fixed a bug in a certain housekeeping operation. February 06, 2024

Fixed a bug that prevented the viewing of a rejected certificate from email server. Some improvements to user interface. January 02, 2024

Improvements to user interface. December 05, 2023

Bug fixes in user interface. November 23, 2023

Improvements to image handling. August 23, 2023

Improvement to optional feature SCT (Signed Certificate Timestamp) verification. July 31, 2023

A bug fix in searching emails which occurred under certain conditions. July 11, 2023

A bug fix in file selection. July 11, 2023

Improvements to folder and file selection. June 12, 2023

Fine tuning licensing and checking of new releases. May 9, 2023

Improvements to situation where there are multiple monitors used. Clarification of text in New Contact dialog. May 3, 2023

New protocol and new Post Quantum public keys. The protocol is now more suitable for the bigger sizes of Post Quantum public keys. New keys are FrodoKEM-1344 and mceliece6688128f (round 4) which are recommended by Germany's Federal Office for Information Security, see BSI TR-02102-1. SIDH keys are not used anymore. June 21, 2022

Upgraded Post Quantum encryption library PQCrypto-SIDH to version 3.5.1. May 11, 2022

Fine tuning the Signed Certificate Timestamp validation (a selectable option). Improving error messages when using proxy connection. Upgraded compression library zlib to versio 1.2.12 (the previous version of zlib was found to have a vulnerability when compressing - it did not affect EndCryptor which uses non vulnerable default compression parameters windowBits=15 and memLevel=8). March 18, 2022

Update to the internal list of approved certificate transparency logs. If an entry is not found on internal list then Google's online list is consulted. February 16, 2022

Improvements to interprocess communication. December 28, 2021

Bug fixes relating to price calculator, proxy definition and sending. December 9, 2021

Improvements to error handling. November 19, 2021

Improvements to user interface. Some new error messages. November 9, 2021

Fixed a bug that occurred when exporting under certain conditions. October 23, 2021

Fixed a bug that occurred under certain conditions. October 21, 2021

Fixed a bug that prevented a large message (over 800 000 000 bytes) from being decrypted. Improved handling of large attachments. October 4, 2021

Closing of internet sockets is improved when accessing email server. This may improve connections to a socks proxy if one is being used to access email server. August 24, 2021

The C# programs in this application now us the Net Framework 4.8. February 25, 2021

Improvements to user interface and fetching of emails from email server. February 8, 2021

Improvement to memory management when encrypting and decrypting large attachments. January 20, 2021

Fix to error situation that occurs under certain conditions when a failed send was resent. January 12, 2021

Improving the handling of contacts' public keys. Fix to error situation that occurs under certain conditions when user's public key was renewed. January 6, 2021

Update to ordering functions due to Brexit. If the user uses the Web Directory to make the long term public key public then it is now automatically renewed at 4 months interval. December 1, 2020

Improvements to error handling when testing email account settings and when accessing Web Directory. October 7, 2020

Speed improvements to Web Directory access. Location of database moved to a directory that is specific to each user of a computer (\AppData\Local\...) September 21, 2020

Fixed a bug which prevented EndCryptor's File Watcher to start, the bug was on the release File Watcher can be used to monitor user given folder for incoming encrypted files. This update also contains improvements to error messages of the Web Directory. September 16, 2020

Improvement to the handling of certain error situations. Added authenticode signatures to all executables (except sqlite3.dll). September 1, 2020, replaced with on the same day to replace a too told resource.dll with a proper one.

Fixed a bug concerning language selection for certain error messages. August 25, 2020

Improving program behaviour on certain situations when the computer is entering or resuming a suspended state (sleep or hibernation). Update to the list of approved certificate transparency logs (no need now for the program to fetch the log list from the distribution point). June 3, 2020

Improving error messages on certain situations. May 7, 2020

Fine tuning the email account options. April 30, 2020

Improvements to user interface on certain error situations. April 23, 2020

SIDH post quantum protection algorithms updated from 3.1 to 3.3. This offers speed improvements. April 14, 2020, updated to on April 16, 2020

It is now possible to use user's TLS client certificate when connecting to email server. March 4, 2020

It is now possible to require the existence of a valid Certificate Transparency SCT List extension in the incoming certificate from the email server. February 10, 2020

Improvements to user experience on certain situations. January 16, 2020. Updated to on January 20, 2020.

Adjusting some text fields in Finnish dialogs. December 23, 2019.

Some bugs fixed. December 9, 2019.

User interface now supports Finnish.

Käyttöliittymä on nyt suomeksi, jos suomi on Windowsin näyttökielenä. November 12, 2019.

Improvements to internal operations, user interface. September 4, 2019, September 11, 2019.

Minor improvements to SMTP send. Updated on September 11, 2019. July 31, 2019

Fixed a bug that occurred under certain conditions when a previously unseen certificate was received from email server. July 23, 2019

Bug fix and some cleanup. July 4, 2019

SIDH 3.1 quantum attack resistant public keys will automatically be used instead of SIDH 3.0 keys when both the sender and receiver has at least this level. May 20, 2019

Speed improvements to some internal sorting operations. May 6, 2019

Improvements to user interface. April 23, 2019

Improvements to user interface, search operations are now under the Edit menu. April 4, 2019

Improvements to some internal operations that check the structure of a just decrypted incoming email. March 15, 2019

Improvement to internal wiping of used data in memory under certain situations. March 6, 2019

User initiated wipe of files has been changed to follow NIST 800-88 revision 1 i.e. overwriting is done with zeroes with verification following. February 12, 2019

Authentication to Gmail is now done via password i.e. the usage of OAuth is no longer supported. December 14, 2018

Improvements to: user interface, internal operations. Updated on January 21, 2019 to fix a typo in user interface. November 7, 2018 (Updated to on November 13)

Sha3 implementation now uses 64 bit algorithms. Some bug fixes. October 31, 2018

EndCryptor is now 64 bit application. Benefits are e.g. faster post quantum operations. October 1, 2018

Improvements to user interface. September 24, 2018

Improvements to user interface. September 12, 2018

Improvements to user interface and to some internal operations. June 7, 2018

Removing stuff from code that is no longer used. May 31, 2018

Fixing an error relating to draft emails containing pictures. May 27, 2018

Fixing a connection error to Web Directory that occurred under certain conditions.


. May 15, 2018

Fixing a bug relating to backups and improving export operations.


. April 11, 2018

Adjustments relating to European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Release February 5, 2018

Post quantum library SIDH 3.0 will now be automatically used instead of SIDH 2.0 if the program notices that both parties use a proper version - this means faster operations on post quantum keys.

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